I’ve noticed a trend between the majority of my girlfriends and I: we compromise our worth in hopes that the men we date will rise to our expectations. Doesn’t that sound like a huge contradiction? Mitigating your worth so that you can wait for a man to get on your level? That’s like taking ten steps back so he can take take 10 steps forward. But that is something that women of mental strength, morale, and regale are doing, and it has got to stop. So, I’ve thought of some warning signs to help my ladies recognize when it’s time to let the guy (boy, actually) that you’re dating go. And, I’ve accompanied them with gifs of my spirit animal, Nene Leakes.

Signs that it is time to stop dating “Mr. Almost Perfect”:

  1. By date 4, he isn’t consistently texting you or staying in contact with you. 
  2. He schedules a date with you, but then doesn’t follow up with you the day before or the day of.
  3. When you ask him out, he says he rather go to the gym.
  4. He hasn’t responded to your texts, but has watched your Snaps.
  5. He hasn’t responded to your texts, but just posted a 100 second SnapChat story.
  6. You only receive a text/call from him after you’ve posted a bangin’ selfie. 
  7. Like clockwork, he texts you after 10 pm asking to “hang”.
  8. You’ve been paying for all of the dates that he asked you out on.
  9. The only furniture he has in his apartment is a mattress, television, and an Xbox.

Signs to move on when you’re in the serious stages of dating:

  1. He can’t find the time to FaceTime or call you.
  2. Beware of the man who claims that he’s falling for you, but doesn’t give you a good morning or good night text.
  3. He’s perfectly fine with not talking to you for a day or two.
  4. He blames his lack of communication on being “tired.” You’re gonna be tired you’re entire life, bro.
  5. He avoids serious topics such as family, career goals, or feelings, at all costs.
  6. You’ve expressed how he makes you feel and he hasn’t reciprocated.
  7. After a few months of dating, he expresses that he likes you by referring to you as “awesome” or “cool.” 
  8. He’s openly flirting with other women in person or on social media.

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