Author: Tanaye White

This summer I experienced some high-class misogynistic f*ckery. While I was minding my own business, touching-up my lipstick at a party, a young man decided to comment on it (verbal manspreading), suggesting that wearing makeup made me an insecure woman. But, before I begin to explain why his actions proved to be a prime example of misogyny, let me take this story from the top...

Congratulations to my fellow Class of 2017 graduates! You've earned your degree or diploma. You're feeling on top of the world. You're officially an adult. You're officially free to make all of your own decisions. I know it's scary; I've been there before. And truth be told, even as a Master's degree holder, I still feel anxious at the thought of putting these degrees to use. But, I want to share with you some things you can do to put yourself on the path to the brightest future possible!

Many people ask me how I get my makeup to look so flawless. Well, besides good skin care, the second secret is in the foundations that I use! Believe it or not, my skin is not flawless. Acne and breakouts always leave my skin with hyper-pigmentation. In order to cover up my dark spots, I make sure to use a good coverage foundation that pairs well with my skin type and color. Continue reading to learn the pros and cons of my favorite foundations!

Spring is the rebirth of the Earth, giving new life to all things that died in fall and froze in the winter. Spring means a new beginning for not only flowers, but us people as well. A spring cleaning is the perfect start to living an organized life. But, it doesn't just apply to old clothes and unused knick-knacks. Learn what I've been doing to Spring Clean every aspect of my life.

I'm so excited to share with you all what I received in my March Ipsy Bag! I'm relatively new to the monthly subscription community. I subscribed to one company before to Ipsy. I had a lot of difficulties with their service so I decided to try out the infamous Ipsy! And, I must say I have yet to be disappointed.

Last month, I moved into an apartment all by myself! Over the past for weeks I've been decorating like crazy and using Pinterest to get cute ideas on how to decorate my first little home. I decided to paint the accent wall of my family room teal; my favorite color. I was so in love with my color choice that I filmed a makeup tutorial inspired by the color and then threw in some of Jackie Aina's LaBronze highlight that she collabed with Artist Couture this past holiday to create.