The Sweet 16 girls and I were gifted Authentic Beauty makeup from the legendary super model Christie Brinkley, as a result of making it to the next round of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s second ever #SISwimSearch. That day spent in Miami was filled excitement as 67 girls from around the...

I purchased a MyFirstWig unit and I've had so much fun rocking a golden hair color. This was the first time I've ever "colored" my hair! My wig is soft, easy to maintain, has minimal shedding. Watch my youtube video to learn about my new "do" and remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel. To learn about my natural hair journey and why started wearing wigs, click here.

Who would have thought that coffee could be the solution for clearing pimples, acne, and breakouts? Astringents, creams, pills, you name it—I've tried them all. But no matter how consistent I was with my facial hygiene routine, the pimples continued to come. In fact, over the past 11 months my breakouts have intensified, giving me flashbacks of my teenage years. On a last glimmer of hope, before dragging myself back to the dermatologist, I switched up my diet, gave up coffee, and the results were shocking!

On January 5, 2017, I gave myself the big chop. Since then, the changes I've experienced not only with my hair, but with my 'being' have been incredible. To learn about what inspired me to go natural, why I had relaxed hair, what natural hair products I use, and how people have reacted to my hair, please watch my YouTube video (below).

A few weeks ago, I went on a shopping spree at Ulta Beauty and discovered my love for Mario Badescu Skin Care! I was on a mission to find products that could clear up my acne-prone skin. Since cutting all of my hair off in January of this year and becoming 100% natural, my skin has been breaking out constantly . Mario Badescu products were among my shopping spree purchase. I heard a lot about the wonders of Mario Badescu and I am here today to tell you that their products are the real deal!