Since I’m a huge nail polish addict, I thought I’d start sharing my #NOTD. Details >>>

This simple mani color is from the Essie brand. The color is called “Mint Candy Apple,” which frustrates me because this color is the furthest thing from anything “apple.” As you an see, the color is a pale blue. A more appropriate color would be “Baby Blue” or “Snowflake” or “Furthest Thing From Mint Candy Apple.”
Regardless, I love this color. As a matter of fact, I love the Essie brand. I rarely get air bubbles when I use multiple coats, and the colors are very opaque. Also, I’ve had a few of their polishes for a few years and they have yet to thicken. And all polish gurus, know how frustrating that can be.
Until next time. Peace.

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