Hey guys! Two weeks ago I got really sick. It felt like an onset of the flu, but thank God it was not that. Regardless, I felt like death all week and it didn’t help that I looked like death as well. To add, I had a very important research project to present in one of my classes. I spent some time googling how to look good/alive when you’re sick but, to my astonishment, there was absolutely NOTHING. So, I wanted to give y’all a few tips for looking alive when you feel dead with any illness/sickness/virus.

Here they are:

Foundation: When you’re sick, it’s best to use a light-weight foundation that won’t rub off onto your tissues when you blow your nose, and won’t run when your eyes tear up. Best bet would be to use a BB cream, however I personally don’t like BB creams due to their lack of coverage, so I lightly apply MAC Studio Fix powder foundation all over my face.
Concealer: Concealer is an absolute must when you’re sick because being sick emphasizes your under-eye bags and dark circles. The key to applying concealer when you’re sick is to only apply it under your eyes, rather than go the whole 9 yards and apply it on your t-zone like you would when you want that “beat face” look. My go to concealer would be the FIT by Maybelline.
Highlight: A highlight is not necessarily a must have for when you’re sick, however if there is a reason you’re trying to look extra cute that day (maybe a date or presentation), a highlight on the cheeks is a perfect way to give your skin back its glow. My fave can be found in the racks of any F21 store.
Mascara: Lastly, mascara is the best way to make you look awake. I wold recommend waterproof mascara because it would run if you’re eyes constantly run or you rub your eyes a lot. One apply one coat, because you’re trying to look alive and anything more than that would be doing too much. A swipe on the upper and lower lashes will immediately make you alive. My go-to mascara is and forever will be L’Oreal’s Telescopic in Blackest Black.
I hope these tips helped for those of you whose sinuses and throats are adjusting to the weather change. Feel better!

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