I’ve been talking to God a lot, recently. Lately, I’ve been stressed to insurmountable amounts. Not only am I still on my job hunt and studying for my GRE exam this month, but my current part time job has been stressful, and to top it off, I have to buy a car within the next 3 weeks. Stress doesn’t look pretty on me. Even lifting at the gym can’t seem to dissipate this cloud that’s looming over my head.

I’m not gonna lie, I walked into my 7am shift with a huge chip on my shoulder this morning. A stress chip, that is. But after my shift, I perused around the mall (where I work) for some window shopping relief and look what God did!
I walked in BCBG MAXAZRIA for shits and giggles. Upon walking in, my eyes caught that of a sales associate. And I literally lost my breathe. I had to do a double take, actually. Behind the register was a lanky, Grecian-like man; fair incandescent skin, dark slicked hair, and such chiseled cheek bones, you’d have thought they were sculpted by Da Vinci himself. I may sound dramatic, but take a look for yourself.

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These are the Dupont twins. And the twin I met is Joseph (I can’t tell you which one he is in the picture because I can’t tell them apart). I stumbled upon their Instagram a few months ago and have been a huge fan of theirs ever since. They’re models, obviously. And are probably the best people when it comes to knowing their angles. 
I walked towards Joesph and told him he looked familiar. He asked how and I unabashedly told him I stalk his Instagram. He laughed and we started small talking. He told me how he and his brother are from Connecticut and how he’s working until him and his brother make their big move to NYC soon. I told him that’s the dream. We ended the convo with him saying to tell him if I needed any help shopping.
Immediately after leaving the store, I felt my looming cloud of stress disappear. Someone (or someones) who I admire is achieving their dreams and is surprisingly in a similar position that I’m in. There’s no doubt that the Dupont twins will be super successful with their careers in New York City. Meeting Joseph put a fire under my butt that the same can happen for me. No matter if you’re working a miserable part time job or interning without pay or struggling to get on your own two feet, someone you admire was once there. Their big dreams, hunger, and determination made them successful and the same can happen to you. Just don’t give up. Don’t give up. (I’ll be whispering that to myself for the rest of the day).
And Joseph, if you’re reading this, thanks so much for chatting with me. Although it was brief, it helped me more than you know. 

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