You can tell, from the above photo of me frolicking in sand and drenched in “carefree black girl” vibes, I love rompers this season. And you can also tell that my style revolves around light and bright colors. I mean, hello, it’s summer. This water color romper comes in at a close second to my favorite floral romper. Continue reading for outfit details:


My romper is from… drum roll, please… Forever 21! Yes, like I mentioned in my previous post, the majority of my outfits are from Forever 21. I tend to avoid that store like the plague due to their lack of organization, but I was able to scour the aisles long enough to find some cute outfits! I’m loving this romper because of it elastic band waist and pattern. The polyester in this material is very obvious. Had I worn this outfit on a day when it was 92 degrees out, sweat stains would be all over my body. So, I strategically chose to wear this ‘fit on the coolest day of my vacation, which was only 87 degrees. Nevertheless, I had no crack stains and received many compliments from strangers on the boardwalk. Go get you one!

Sunnies are from H&M. The blue bandeau that’s peaking from underneath this romper is also from Forever 21. And it was on sale so… BAM. 

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