In the beginning weeks of school, when the pavement was still too hot to walk on with bare feet, and sweat dripped down the crack of boobs (male and female) after just walking 100 feet, I was hit with a dilemma: It’s so hot. Can I wear crop tops to class?

Of course, I looked towards my girlfriends for answers. I sent a mass text to my UMD girlfriends asking if it was appropriate to wear a crop top to class. I was hoping for them to share the same thought process as I did, secretly hoping they’d say yes so that I could wear the outfit I had planned out in my head. But, I was shockingly given a skew of results.

Some ladies said, “Yea girl, it’s hot out,” while others objected, saying, “No girl, I don’t need my professor looking at my midriff.” And of course, there was many who said, “I wouldn’t, but do you boo!” So, with the answers I received being varied, I decided to wear a tank instead of a crop top, and suffer a much sweaty back while bike-riding to class.

My question to you: Do you think it’s okay to wear crop tops to class? Take the poll below, by clicking on the question. (P.S. NOT my belly! But, I’m so flattered you would think that it is ;).)
  • Yes! It’s not sweater weather yet.
  • Eh, I wouldn’t but kudos to whoever does.
  • No! Professors might get the wrong impression.

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