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Editors Note (3/24/2018): Since publishing this article, multiple women in social circles that crossed with mine, disclosed to me their experiences with the "friend" I mentioned in this article. By the description of my experience, they knew exactly who I was talking about and shared with me what he did to them. Their experiences were similar, if not worse, than what I experienced. It's unfortunate that these circumstances have forged a bond between me and these women, but I'm appreciative to have such strong women by my side. I continue to encourage all women to speak up and speak out about the sexual atrocities that they have experienced.
On October 5, 2017, the New York Times posted a story detailing decades of sexual harassment claims against Harvey Weinstein. Since then, dozens of women in Hollywood have spoken out against Weinstein and the inappropriate acts he suggested or conducted. Actress Alyssa Milano made a call out on Twitter asking women to Tweet the phrase "me too" if they ever experienced sexual harassment or assault. Unbeknownst to Milano, her call out would reawaken the "me too Movement" originally started by Tarana Burke in 2007.