I am not a fan of Taylor Swift. I believe that when she first shot to fame, she had a great public image. However, her constant dating, vengeful ex-boyfriend lyrics, and her other tasteless acts completely destroyed her “sweetheart” image. To add, I just don’t like her music.

BUT, I really enjoy this song. I think it’s awesome that she can laugh at herself, and all the criticism she has received about her reputation with men, as well as other celebrities.

The music video, I’ll admit, is random and completely removed from the lyrics. But, I love the concept of the video. She dances to every dance style: lyrical, ballet, pantomime, hip hop, etc. She shows in her video that she’s not talented in everything, she doesn’t have rhythm, and she’s very dorky. I appreciate everything about this video.

What I noticed about this video is the amount of backlash it received. A lot of people commented on or tweeted about this video saying that it’s classless, they don’t want their children watching it, she’s offending black people, etc. I’m going to assume that these reactions are from her “twerking” scene. IMO, these reactions are absurd for these reasons.
  • Twerking is not just for black people. Anyone can do it.
  • Taylor Swift is not even twerking correctly, therefore I don’t consider her to be twerking at all.
  • Twerking is not something to be taken so seriously. I twerk in the shower, twerk in the mirror, & I twerk in my bed before I go to sleep. It’s fun and burns a calorie or two.
I understand a lot of people have it out for Taylor, but honestly, they’re blinded by the bigger picture because they see her trying to twerk. Chillax people. Wearing big gold chains and grills, and booty-popping are all associated with hip hop. Just like wearing tutus are associated with ballet and painting your face black and white is associated with miming. There is nothing racially offensive about this video and there is nothing atrocious or vulgar about a lanky white girl dancing for fun and tryna learn how to booty pop. C’mon.
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