Last night I was really feeling down. I moved into a house off-campus from my college this weekend. On top of the few mishaps I’m still dealing with at home, I was feeling completely stressed and overwhelmed. I am a person who doesn’t adjust to change quickly; especially when that change involves my environment. So moving into a new place with people I don’t know has been an adjustment. To add, I have no choice but to worry about my future after I graduate in December: what will I do, where do I want to live, should I get a job, should I go straight into grad school— are all thoughts that have raced through my mind.

How did I solve this end-of-college-life crisis? I wrote a letter to my future self; the Tanaye of December 2014. Read the letter here. I told myself how I feel right now and how scared I am. And then I proceeded to write about how far I’ve come and how greatness is my destiny. I’ll post the letter after I graduate, and write about how my life has evolved from today until then. Happy first day of classes Terps!

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