Alright. Anyone who knows me even in the slightest knows how big of a weakness I have for shoes, but more specifically, high heels, and the Alexander Wang Simona Fox heels are (in the words of Kim K.) TO DIEEE.

They’re totally channeling a 90’s vibe straight out of the Clueless movie (another weakness) so it is my ultimate goal to have these precious babies in my closet this. very. moment. The only problem is the price tag. When I saw the $895 tag, I’m pretty sure I stopped breathing. I don’t think I’ll ever see a day where I can spend that much on a shoe! Not even if I become a millionaire! Plus, I love looking for dupes.
But the problem with dupe hunting is that people will call a ‘shoe dupe’ anything remotely like the shoe you truly want: “It’s the same color!–It’s a dupe,” “It has a little cotton ball on it!– It’s a dupe.” No hunty! I want a legitimate D.U.P.E. (icks-nay the ur-fay). But my brain has been tinkering and I think I may have a DIY project on my hands.
OMG! Am I about to become the next Evelina Barry?! Hmm.

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