4 Ways to Wake-Up Easier During the Winter

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4 Ways to Wake-Up Easier During the Winter

Winter is the most difficult time to motivate yourself to get ready for work in the morning. When you wake-up, the sky is still dark, your room is freezing, and you just want to stay bundled under your blankets. But, as much as you’d rather lay in bed, you know you have to get to your 9 to 5. As a person who’s the worst morning person on the planet, here are four tips on how I motivate myself to get out of bed in the morning during the Winter months.


Shower in the morning.

I love taking showers at night. But, I noticed that doing so made me even less motivated to wake-up in the morning. The best alternative is to take your bath/shower that morning. When you wake-up from your deep sleep, and notice that the cold air is creeping under your blankets, race to the bathroom. At the crack of dawn, there’s nothing’s more exciting than hopping from your warm bed into a hot shower!

Set your alarm clock forward 30 minutes.

Set your bedroom clock forward half an hour. Even after you’ve pushed your snooze button five times, you’ll still have enough time get ready for work without rushing. If you use the alarm clock on your cellphone, this tactic won’t work. But, if you have an old fashioned alarm, this may be the solution to ensure you arrive to work on time.

Have your favorite breakfast drink

I’m a Keurig girl. But, unfortunately, I’m unaware of any Keurigs with automatic brew timers (correct me if I’m wrong). However,  the thought of my favorite flavored Keurig cup hitting my tastebuds is enough for me to want to start my day. There’s no need for a Starbucks run, when you have your favorite tea or coffee sitting right in your kitchen. Added bonus: your hot mug can keep your hands warm during your commute.

Wake-up to upbeat music

Call me a Cro-Magnon, but it wasn’t until recently that I learned I can change the tune of my iPhone alarm to a song in my Apple Library. Currently, my alarm is set to ‘Beauty in the World’ by Macy Gray. Listening to Macy Gray is 1,000 times better than waking up to the sound of an automated barking dog or wind chimes.

Waking up is hard, waking up early is harder, and waking up early in the Winter is brutal. I hope that you find these easy and cost-efficient strategies useful to help get yourself out of the bed in the Winter.

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